The CLP Network system allows access restrictions to be defined for all entries (e.g. blog postings, uploaded files and profile entries). There are four access categories which are described below:

  1. Private - Only you can see this content
  2. Public - Anyone can see this content whether or not they are logged in 
  3. Logged in users - Any logged in user can see this content
  4. Contacts - Only logged in users who are a contact of yours can see this content 
  5. Groups - Restricts access to this content to users who are members of specific groups 

The best way to restrict access to postings and resources within the CLP Network to a subset of CLP Network users is to use the access groups facility. 

To create a personal access group click on the Your Network menu tab followed by the Access controls link. Enter an appropriately descriptive group name in the text entry field and click the Create button.

The page now displays the new group with a facility to add users to this group (This uses the list of your CLP Network contacts - see above for how to add users to your list of contacts). Highlight the name of the CLP Network user you wish to add to the group and click the Add selected to group button. Finally click the Save button to save the changes to the group.

Now when you create a new blog posting or upload a file, the Access Restrictions drop down menu will now include this access group.

NB - your access group is personal and cannot be shared with other CLP Network users. To share access restrictions, restricting by community membership is more appropriate. However community membership will need to be moderated for this to be effective.