UK Music Leadership Development Network 2010

Owner: Jennifer Wood

Group members: 11

Group Description: The programme is designed to support and promote the development of networks within and across the music industry. It aims to focus on the key skills needed to maximise commercial growth, effective management and strategic leadership.

Welcome to this group:

Hello All!

Welcome to your noticeboard!  At the first group meeting you recognised the need to stay connected in between the four group sessions already in your diaries.  If you've got an event coming up or want to arrange a get-together, this is where you can organise, advertise and invite.  It's very much your space and I don't think the intention will be to clutter it up with documents and notes from myself, Sara, Julie or Kathryn. 

You may feel happier managing the group site yourselves - if you want me to transfer the ownership to one of you, then please do let me know.

Happy networking.



This group has a closed membership.