Owner: Julia Harris

Group members: 13

Group Description: CraftNet comprises 10 UK regional craft network leaders.

Welcome to this group:

Members have been drawn from the craft network developed by the first CLP network programme (2006-8) and its final funded output, the Acts of Daring national craft summit, Liverpool June 2008. Since 2008 the group has met to develop regional craft networks in collaboration with the Crafts Council, to agree future priorities and to develop a collective voice for the sector. Network outcomes in the interim have included partnership working to deliver exhibition and education projects.


CraftNet members lead the craft sector in their regions and have an influence at a national level.  They play a leadership role not only in their own organisations, but also through their relationships with other professional bodies and in their contribution to the formation of regional and national strategies. They have facilitated a collective voice for the sector and a mechanism through which to consult on national strategies such as Turning Point and the recent ACE Great Art For Everyone consultation.  

This group has a closed membership.