Owner: Lucy Windmill

Group members: 25

Group Description: A group to share learning around the re:freshers festival running from 5th - 9th July 2010

Welcome to this group:

CLP re:freshers is a festival of ideas, networks and insights on leadership.  It explores a number of areas which are pertinent to those working in the cultural sector in particular the theme of ‘what is the leadership for our times?’, not just on a socio-cultural-political level and in relation to one’s role as practitioners, artists, leaders of projects and organisations.

This group will allow you to explore these issues through a programme of digital activity before, during and after the re:freshers event.

Group files

re:freshers keynote

1351 days ago


re:freshers keynote.

Perspectives and ideas for the times we live in.

With Gary Younge (Guardian), Sarah Weir (Olympic Delivery Authority) and Feargal Sharkey (UK Music).

Programmed by CLP.

re:freshers plenary

1351 days ago


re:freshers plenary speeches. 

Taking the learning and ideas forward with Michael Day (CEO, Historic Royal Palaces), Liz Magree (People Create), Mark Wright (People Create), Chair: Shreela Ghosh (CLP Board Member/Director Free Word Centre).

Programmed by CLP.